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8 & 9 October 2023 Broodfabriek Rijswijk (NL)
The trade fair for pet professionals in the Netherlands Book your tickets now!


Still going strong

The Dibevo Trade Fair will take place on 8 and 9 October 2023. Are you already looking forward to spotting new products, scoring great trade fair offers, catching up and having a great day? Then book your tickets now! And then the best news: all food and drinks are completely free. So don't miss it!

- - - 

The Dibevo Trade Fair is sponsored by:


  • “ A successful day! The Dibevo Trade Fair has a perfect set-up for networking and discovering new suppliers and products. ”
    Sjoukje Hiemstra-Westerbeek Dierenpension Excellent
  • “ There were many different exhibitors and I was able to view many products. Everything was well organized and there was plenty of food and drink. ”
    Manouk Verheij Avonturia De Vogelkelder
  • “ Compliment for the good set-up, you can spar and view new products. How nice is that! ”
    Bert Gardenbroek Gardenbroek super voor mens en dier


What makes a visit to the Dibevo Trade Fair worthwhile? And why is this an event you simply can’t miss? We'll give you six reasons.

1) The best suppliers

This year’s edition of the Dibevo Trade Fair will be held in two large halls (with a total surface area of 11,000 m2), packed to the rafters with thousands of products from the best suppliers in the pet industry.

2) Free food and drink

Food and drinks are free at the 2023 Dibevo Trade Fair. A light breakfast (coffee/croissant) is also available starting at 8:00 a.m. This is also free. Perfect for those wishing to avoid rush-hour traffic jams.

3) Irresistible offers

At the Dibevo Trade Fair, you’ll be able to score special offers that are not available anywhere else. Even if you don't buy much, you can easily save 100 Euros. Why would you want to miss out on an opportunity like this?

4) New products

Spotting new products is not only fun for you, but also for your customers. These new items in your shop will guarantee extra traffic and turnover.

5) Fantastic atmosphere

It’s one of the standard features of the Dibevo Trade Fair: a warm, fun and informal atmosphere that makes doing business a pleasure.

6) Inspiration and new contacts

This is exactly what you will get out of a visit to the trade fair. Speaking to current and new suppliers and colleagues will give you great new ideas and help you build a valuable network in the industry.The combination of low admission prices and free food and drinks makes a visit to the trade fair extra appealing.

  • Video-impression Talking casually with suppliers, spotting new products and suppliers and face-to-face contacts with familiar and new people, these are the things that make the Dibevo Trade Fair so valuable.
11.000 m2 show floor space
FREE food and drinks
CA. 100 exhibitors
4000+ colleagues to meet

Practical Information

Opening hours and admission

Sunday, 8 October: 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Monday, 9 October: 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
The room where the ‘light breakfast' is served is open from 8:00 am.
Important: Children under 14 and dogs are not permitted at the Dibevo Trade Fair. Service dogs and guide dogs for the blind are naturally welcome.

Admission prices

A day ticket costs €27,50, and this includes all your food and drinks (yes, you read that right!). Dibevo members even receive a credit for two free tickets.

Arrange your tickets in advance

Tickets are only available in advance. So you cannot buy a ticket at the counter. However, it is possible to buy a ticket on the spot via online banking. Within a few seconds the digital e-ticket will arrive in your mailbox and you can visit the exhibition.

Directions and parking

De Broodfabriek
Volmerlaan 12
2288 GD Rijswijk
Download the directions


On Sunday, 8 October, a lot of public parking will be available in the immediate vicinity of De Broodfabriek. You can also park at car park P2 next to De Broodfabriek or in the multi-storey car park across the street (50 metres away).
On Monday 9 October, the public road will be a less convenient option. The best place to park is at car park P2 next to De Broodfabriek or in the multi-storey car park across the street.
Parking in the multi-storey car park (Van Gijnstraat-Verrijn Stuartlaan; 50 metres from De Broodfabriek) is free for trade fair visitors. You do not need an exit ticket to leave this facility. There will be a parking attendant on duty


Public transport travel information

Check the current status for the trains

On foot from Rijswijk train station
De Broodfabriek is only a seven-minute walk from the Rijswijk NS station. Get off the train at the Rijswijk station, and follow the signs for the main station hall. When you exit the station, you will be on the Sir Winston Churchilllaan. Go right onto the Lange Kleiweg. Go left onto the Visseringlaan, and right onto the Volmerlaan at the traffic lights. The main entrance will be about 100 metres on your right-hand side. View the route in Google Maps.
Bus/Tram: stop right outside the main entrance
Bus line 30: Volmerlaan (Naaldwijk - Zoetermeer) stop
Bus line 50: Volmerlaan (Den Haag - Zoetermeer) stop
Bus line 51: Volmerlaan (Den Haag - Delft) stop
Tram line 17: Volmerlaan/Visseringlaan (Statenkwartier – Wateringse Veld) stop

Frequently asked questions

Would you like to register as a visitor to the Dibevo Trade Fair, but are having problems with the registration process? Please check the frequently asked questions below to see if they contain the solution to your problem.

I am a member of Dibevo, but I didn’t receive a registration code.

If you are a Dibevo member, you should receive your registration or login code by email in September. If you didn’t receive this email or are unable to find the code, send an email with your company name, contact person and email address to

I received a log-in code from an exhibitor, but I can’t seem to find it.

Check first to see whether or not you received the email with the log-in code by doing a search for ‘Dibevo-Vakbeurs’ in your email software. Can’t find the right email? If not, please send the name of the exhibitor from whom you received the guest ticket, your company name, contact person and your email address to

An exhibitor said he sent me a customer ticket, but I never received it.

There’s a good chance that the email address was incorrect. Send your company name and postal code to and we'll see if we can find you in the registration system!

I received new e-tickets. Are the old ones still valid?

No matter how many changes you make to your registration, the barcode will always remain the same. To keep things as simple as possible, it’s a good idea to bring the most recent e-tickets with you to the Dibevo Trade Fair. This won’t affect your registration.

I can't pay for my tickets because I don't have iDeal, Bancontact, Paypal or a credit card.

  1. Send your company name, email address and the number of people who want to visit the trade fair to
  2. Within a few days, you will receive an invoice sent to the email address you have provided. Simply pay the invoice and then send a copy of the payment confirmation to will find the IBAN and BIC number at the top of the invoice.
  3. As soon as we receive your payment, you will receive the e-tickets by email.
  4. IMPORTANT! Using this method will delay your registration considerably, and we cannot guarantee that you will receive your e-tickets in time this way.

If you can’t find your question on the list, feel free to email us and we will be happy to help you.

Looking forward to new products and exhibition offers? Book your tickets now!


Until now, the following companies have entered into the Dibevo Trade Fair:


  • 4 healthy pets
  • Aeres Training Centre Barneveld
  • AK for Pets bv (SPONSOR)
  • Albatros Hengelsport
  • Altranet
  • Aquadistri bv
  • Arie Blok
  • Beaphar Nederland bv
  • Beeztees (SPONSOR)
  • Best Buddy Pets bv
  • BoGo-Pets bv
  • Carnis
  • Catuals bv
  • CJ Wildbird Foods
  • CLiNiC Petfood bv
  • De Luca automatisering
  • Dibevo Risk
  • Dierengroothandel Overbeek
  • Diervoeding Tak happydog/happycat
  • Dog & Cat Supply
  • Emax Nederland bv
  • Eye4pets
  • Farm Food
  • Ferplast Benelux bv
  • Finest Petfoods (SPONSOR)
  • Flamingo (SPONSOR)
  • Frama Best For Pets
  • Garvo
  • Gebr. De Boon (SPONSOR)
  • Going Kolombo
  • Goldfish Amsterdam
  • Greenheart Premiums bv
  • Groothandel Smulders bv
  • Group Depre - Holland Diervoeders bv
  • Hofman Animal Care (SPONSOR)
  • Huisdier Kennis Instituut
  • I&I Pet Supplies vof
  • iMarc Benelux by Hoeboer
  • Inaba Foods Europe
  • Independent Pet Group
  • Johnson Petfoods bv
  • KennelCare
  • Kinlys Group
  • Kivo Petfood
  • Leonard Sports
  • LICG
  • Microcash Kassasystemen
  • Nature Dog Food (Sana-Vesta)
  • Nerus
  • NML Health bv
  • PAWR bv
  • Pet Bedding bv
  • Petlando
  • Petlux
  • Petsolutions nv
  • Peys Doggyfood
  • Phytotreat bv
  • Pino
  • Polish Investment and Trade Agency
  • Renske Natural Petfood
  • Rettenmaier Benelux 
  • Rood Diervoeding
  • Ruinemans Group
  • Sectolin
  • Sustainable Pet Food bv
  • The Happy Animal Planet bv
  • Tijssen Goed voor Dieren
  • TRIXIE Heimtierbedarf (SPONSOR)
  • Valk Solutions
  • Van der Basch Trading
  • Veganpets
  • Visan Netherlands
  • Warmako bv
  • Weenect
  • Wielink Dierenbenodigdheden
  • Yamipets bv
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